I see the sun go down and people are turning on their house lights from my window. Then I feel the twilight gently surrounds me.

Above the window, there are shiny paint brush strokes in the sky. I think it was a new moon was a few days ago, but now it has become a crescent moon.

We know our planet turns every second. And then, suddenly I feel that our bodies reflect that rotation.

About us

“The Best option for each of us.“

Our lifestyles are always changing. Sometimes we are confused, sometimes we laugh and cry. But our lives go on. Every tiny decision that we choose will make our future.

And now, we can choose any option of lifestyle, and can also change it whenever we want. So, we “LaundryBox” provide various ways to make our lives better, according to any situation at anytime.


New insights for your period.

"LaundryBox" is the media commerce service that brings you the options that make your period comfortable. Through our service, you can find the certain products that have the diverse approaches to your period situations. Your period is YOURS. We have to respect that uniqueness and let's break the taboo. URL:https://laundrybox.jp/

Corporate Info


address / 〒150-0041 1-11-5-403,Jinnan,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,150-0041 Japan CEO / Misa Nishimoto Established / 2019-2-14 Our services / Media planning, execution Development and sale of sanitary products PR and event planning and marketing


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